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Official Description

I’m in too deep.

Guitarist Gray Duffy has wanted his foster sister, Jazz, forever.

Now they’re all grown-up and making music together in Oblivion.

Sleeping right next to each other on their tour bus.

Best friends.


Until that crazy threesome with their bandmate, Nick.

Now Gray can’t forget what it was like to hold Jazz…even if he had to share her.

I can’t wait any longer for him to make a move.

Drummer Jazz Edwards is ready to go after her man. 

No more awkward silences.

No more distance.

But getting naked with Gray again—and falling in love with him—isn’t enough to stop him from spiraling.

He’s keeping secrets and fighting an addiction he can’t control.

Even risking losing his spot in the band…and losing Jazz.

And maybe even his life.

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