The Boss Vol. 6: Hot Billionaire Romance

The Boss Series, Book 6

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Official Description

This is the FINAL book in the six part serial. This book is from BOTH Grace and Blake's points-of-view and will be more than twice the size of the other serial installments.

She doesn’t know how bad I’m willing to be…

For years, Grace Copeland was the one woman I couldn’t have. Now she’s mine. 

Mine to possess. Mine to protect.

Mine to kill for.

He doesn’t realize how far from good I’ve come…

Blake Carson was first my nemesis, then my boss, and now my lover. He’s determined to shield me from the threat that surrounds us, closer than we could ever guess.

But I’m no one’s damsel, and I might be going down…but I won’t go down alone.

This time, when we fight, we’ll fight back to back—or not at all. No matter the consequences. 

Win, lose, love, death. Whatever it takes.

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