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Official Description

I'm not giving up until she's mine, forever.
Walking away from being a SEAL -- and the injury that led to my discharge -- didn't scar me nearly as much as knocking on my estranged baby brother's door and finding my ex, Abby, on the other side. And naturally, she's every bit as beautiful as she was when we broke up a couple years ago. I'd never wanted to let her go, and now that she's standing in front of me with the wreckage of my former life behind me, I'm ready to fight for my woman.
No matter what it takes.
But Abby is understandably gun-shy, though she claims she's only platonically living with my brother. Turns out I only have one weekend to prove that I'm the man she needs. Forever.
Good thing I'm up for the job. In every way.

Previously released in the Hot Ink anthology in 2014.

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