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Official Description

My band is my life, until it implodes in front of my eyes.

Oblivion lead guitarist Nick Crandall lives and breathes making music with his friends. Especially his best friend of all, Simon. His blood brother.

Who suddenly has no use for him or the band after a disastrous show.

Riding high on adrenaline, he kisses the holy hell out of the woman he's wanted for far too long, Lila Shawcross, Oblivion's manager.

She's off-limits. Right down to the gold band on her left hand.

I can't give in. Not to him.

Lila Shawcross is focused on managing her drama-prone bands at Ripper Records, not becoming part of the drama.

Especially not with Nick, the hottest, most hard-headed man she's ever met.

He makes her wish she could risk everything--until she realizes she already is.

Her reputation.

Her job.

Her heart.

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