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Official Description

All I care about is the band staying together.

Lead guitarist Nick Crandall formed his band Oblivion with his best friends, lead singer Simon Kagan and bassist Deacon McCoy. 

After their original drummer got kicked out for drug use, Deacon finds them someone new.

Two new someones. And one is a chick.

A hot, possibly taken chick who makes Nick forget his reasons for wanting back his old band.

I want a taste of everything.

Lead singer Simon Kagan is living the rockstar life after a YouTube video goes viral and puts Oblivion on the map.

Suddenly, his band is in the studio with the most gorgeous woman he's ever laid his eyes—and hands—on. 

Violinist Margo Reece is the hottest one-night stand of his life, but the next morning, she's gone.

Then the epic single they worked on with her soars up the charts.

They’re finally on the cusp of being famous…if they can keep from breaking up long enough to get a record deal.

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