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Official Description

I think I’m in trouble.

First big tour.

First big chance.

Oblivion bassist Deacon McCoy is living the dream. 

$ex, stardom and success…all at his fingertips.

Then he meets Harper Pruitt, the pretty, competent tour chef who insists on keeping things all business.

And he’s looking for lots and lots of pleasure.

I think he’s trouble. 

First big job. 

First big chance. 

Harper isn’t about to screw It all up, even for the hot, brawny musician they call Demon Deacon. 

He’s delicious in every way, from his easy smiles to how he strips her with his eyes.

But right now, the only decadence she has room for is the gooey chocolate in her coconut popovers.

Only six amazing weeks until the tour’s over.

And then they’ll go their separate ways. 


But Deacon won’t take no for an answer...even if Harper can’t say yes.

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