Paradise In Oblivion

Lost in Oblivion, Book 12

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Official Description

The Oblivion band family is growing…

Which means an island holiday is just what the doctor ordered.

Assuming the forecasted tropical storm passes them by.

And if Simon and Margo, Nick and Lila, and Ian and Zoe don’t throw down over the Christmas guacamole.

Oh, and if Margo doesn’t go into labor. Who knew sex can push a woman into giving birth? (Spoiler: almost everyone but Simon.)

Add in a surprise announcement from Ian and Zoe and an unexpected arrival and this holiday will go down in the Oblivion record books as extra jolly.

Author’s note: Paradise in Oblivion is a 23K after-the-HEA novella with two all new bonus epilogues featuring Jazz and Gray and Nick and Lila that are exclusive to this version. This novella contains spoilers for those who haven’t yet read the Rock Revenge trilogy.

Author’s note part deux: Paradise in Oblivion was previously published in the Christmas with a Rockstar anthology in 2018.

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