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Official Description

It's do or die time, one more time.

Oblivion lead guitarist Nick Crandall has been biding his time during his band's one-year hiatus. Now that the year is almost up, he has big plans.

Getting his band back on top.

Mending fences with his best friend, Simon…if they can be mended, and if not, screw him.

Oh, and proposing to his girl, who may or may not say yes.

Starting at square one. 

Lead singer Simon Kagan has been working on his voice for the past year.

Facing his demons.

Loving his wife--well, not technically wife yet. But almost. The next best thing.

Margo has been by his side through all of his vocal issues and otherwise, but now she's onto the tough love portion of the program. 

It's time to put up or shut up--and face his best friend and his fractured band and all of his eager fans.

Simon Kagan is back…for better or worse.

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