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Official Description

It’s time to get merry, Oblivion-style, with this duet of holiday stories to help you get back your ho-ho-ho!

I’m going to rock his world in ways he can’t imagine…I hope.

Oblivion manager Lila Crandall is ready to add a heap of spice to her marriage to Nick. Things aren't at crisis level yet, but just in case, a bustier, some red hair dye, and an unexpected night away from their twins should help jingle some balls.

I’m ready for him to add a sugarplum to my stocking…

Harper McCoy is ready to spread some good cheer and glad tidings…and hopefully, convince her gorgeous-as-sin husband, Deacon, that it's the perfect time to expand their family. And she has a few naughty surprises up her sleeve, just in case.

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