Hammered, Book 4

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Cari Quinn Taryn Elliott Maneuvered Book Cover

Official Description

Lesson one: Beware of dangerous curves. 

My name is Hudson Wyatt and I used to push the limits in a race car. Now I push them onstage behind the drums for Hammered, my band. 

Yeah, I’m a rockstar. I’m also a playboy, or so I’ve been told. The truth is, I’ve just been waiting. 

Searching for the best pussy…no, not that pussy. I’m a gentleman. 


Lesson two: Some roads get slippery when wet. 

I met Piper Lockwood in The Pussy Palace, the cat café she owns. She makes the best coffee I’ve ever tasted.  

When she kissed me, she nearly broke my frigging nose—and stirred me more than I’ve ever been. 

I never wanted to be a teacher. Until she asked me to show her how to f*ck…I mean, flirt. 

Ahem. Nothing of a carnal nature. She just wants to learn how to relax more around men. 

Now I’m the one who’s uptight. She’s all I can think about.  

Lesson three: Don’t fall in love. 

Author’s Note: Some of the events mentioned in the epilogue of Maneuvered serve as a spoiler for the Found in Oblivion rockstar series. If you read that series as well and aren’t up to date yet, perhaps save Maneuvered’s epilogue until you’re all caught up. 

BEYOND OBLIVION - A Rockstar Romance full of sexy fun set within the world of our Lost in Oblivion series! You never know who you'll see show up in the books.  


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