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Official Description

One night. One hookup. One text that changed everything.

Jeffrey Maddox prefers books to people. The one person he loves without reservation? His sister, Daisy. Who has an older, married lover. And he just happened to leave his phone behind, so Jeff can text the guy’s wife and tell her to do the responsible thing—take back the trash that’s poisoning his baby sister’s life.

Except Karyn James isn’t the woman he thought she’d be. When Jeff meets her for coffee on a snowy night, he never expects to want her.

For himself. Over and over again.

Karyn’s not looking for a rebound hookup, and she’s had enough of men now that she’s divorcing her philandering husband. But Jeff has magic fingers, and not only just on his phone. Suddenly she’s not certain she’s willing to turn her back on the most amazing—and amazingly hot—night of her life. Except it might already be too late.

But she’s not giving up until she’s given back some hot text of her own…

Previously published in 2011.

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