Heart Signs

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Official Description

She fell in love with him before she ever saw his face…

Rory Fowler has taken Sam Miller’s billboard orders for a long time, and the poetic words he wrote intrigued her long before she heard his raspy voice. Or accidentally bumped into his classic car, during a lunch meeting neither expected would ever happen.

She also didn’t expect a six-foot-plus bald guy with enough muscles to bench press a semi would have the sweetest heart—and say some of the dirtiest words—she’d ever known.

Sam definitely didn’t plan on asking Rory to follow him home after their fender bender…or that she’d end up on her knees. She’s a revelation to him in every way after grieving for his dead wife, and mourning the relationship they’d lost even before she passed.

But Rory is like the

rainbow after the storm. A reason for him to keep going when he’d thought he’d lost that forever.

Physically, their chemistry is off the charts. But putting his heart on the line is a different story, unless he takes the wildest, most seductive risk he’s ever imagined...

Previously published in 2012.

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