Finding Forever

Found in Oblivion, Book 7

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Finding Forever

Official Description

You’re invited to the comeback arena tour of the century…and just maybe a wedding too.

Who: Malachi Shawcross and Richelle Crandall (you can call her Ricki or Elle, she answers to both.)

When: After they make it through the biggest shows of their career…with or without some of their members (hopefully with!)

Where: Happy Acres Orchard, Turnbull, NY—or possibly a judge’s chamber in the next city they have a show in, if Ricki won't stop changing her bridesmaids' dresses.

Who’s attending: Everyone…at least everyone in the Warning Sign and Oblivion families, along with some of the members of Brooklyn Dawn, the headliner on Warning Sign’s big tour.

Who’s also attending: Jules’s, Randy’s and Tristan’s brand new baby. And there may be some more surprises in store for Jules and Tristan as well. 

Can't have the roses without the guns—err, thorns. But a whole lot of healing, hijinks, and happiness is ahead…and oh yeah, plenty of steamy moments and screaming rock and roll too.

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