Edge Of Forever

Winchester Falls, Book 3

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Cari Quinn Made In Oblivion Painkiller

Official Description

Logan King

He tried to give her a fairy tale.

A start to their new life.

Then their romantic night turned to horror.

And everything they loved turned to ash.

Including them.

Especially them.

Now all he can think about is evening the score.

Making the person responsible pay.

No matter the cost.

Isabella Grace

In one night, she lost everything.

She didn't die.

But her dreams did.

Some of them shattered at her feet.

Even the love she'd found was locked away, buried under Logan's need to face the past.

Once and for all.

To protect their future.

But the threat is much closer to home than they realize.

And no place is safe.

Not anymore.

Author’s note: Edge of Forever concludes Logan and Izzy’s story and ends in a happily-ever-after.


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