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Official Description

No one has ever said no to me. Except her.

Oblivion lead singer Simon Kagan can get any woman he wants. 

And he almost has.

Except Margo, the one woman who didn’t want more after their super-hot hookup.

Now she’s joining his band. Temporarily.

He isn’t going to fall for her again. But that doesn’t mean he won’t make her regret what she’s been missing...

I can’t risk letting him in.

For professional violinist Margo Reece, working with Oblivion is a dream come true.

Even if she’s too close to Simon.


The night she’d spent with him was the best she ever had. And the worst, because she had to leave to protect her heart.

But this Simon seems different. He’s showing her more than she ever imagined, both in and out of bed.

Until Simon’s unexpected crisis makes her fear she’s going to lose him forever.

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