Bulletproof Weeks

Winchester Falls, Book 2

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Cari Quinn Made In Oblivion Painkiller

Official Description

Logan King

Love 'em and leave 'em, that's what he does.

He can't be faithful.

She couldn't hold his attention.

That's what they all said.

Except it was a lie.

She meant everything to him.

And because she did, he had to leave her.

Make it into a big scene.

Because loving him was dangerous.

And she was already in the crosshairs.

Isabella Grace

After Logan broke up with her, she had to deal with the town's pity.

Their regretful stares.

So, she threw herself into her work.

Into traveling.

And she tried to move on.

Until she realized she was being followed…and all roads led back to Logan.

He wasn't who she believed.

But when she demanded answers, he gave them.

And finally, she begins to hope they'll have a tomorrow.


Until the past blows up in her face, threatening everything--and everyone--she loves.

Author’s note: Bulletproof Weeks continues Logan and Izzy’s story and ends with a cliffhanger.


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