Anything But Mine

Winchester Falls, Book 1

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Cari Quinn Made In Oblivion Painkiller

Official Description

Logan King

Burnout, they say.

Crazy, they whisper.

He thinks the whispers might be closer to the truth.

But they don't know the truth.

No one does.

Because it's too dangerous.

He lives for the stage—or at least he used to.

Lately, he wanted to smash every instrument he owned. The anger and panic living inside him was clawing its way out, one way or another.

Why doesn't matter.

Unless somehow, he can figure out how to make it stop.

Until then, the only answer is home.

Winchester Falls put him back together once, maybe it can do it again.

Maybe it's the one place she can't find him.

Isabella Grace 

She never belonged anywhere until she walked into the rundown bookstore in Winchester Falls. Now it’s home and the people there have become her family. 

Everything was perfect until he came to town.

Until he smiled at her with those rough edges carved in sadness.

Until he touched her.

Until he loved her.

Until his secrets caught up with them both.

Author’s note: Anything But Mine begins Logan and Izzy’s story and ends with a cliffhanger.


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